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Field Day Jitters lyrics


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     Field Day Jitters
    >> Daisy Tripping
        Wondering jets inside of me
    I've got the field day jitters
    Wet matches and a bottle of Mr. Clean
    I'm a nervous wreck in the shape of a test
    I figure it's all about giving
    Causing all of the brain to slip into frame
    And visit the space that it gives me for sleep
    Wondering jets inside of me
    I've got the field day jitters, jitters, jitters
    I'm an open nest, a paper address
    I can get lost in just living
    Blowing thoughts of regret
    You'll never forget the feeling of falling and breaking
    This is me, your glue gun's dream
    A map of every road
    A friend that drops his nose
    But this can't be
    I'm a cracking machine
    My will is to hold and my creed is to be the unbreakable me
    Now it's time to fill up all the cracks in me,
    no stopping, no stopping, no stopping
    It's what I want
    It's what I see
    That I'm unbreakable, capable, breakable
    Bye bye, never any doubt in me
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